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Google Earth

- Presentation at ISTE 2013 -

Google Earth is an amazing tool that can be integrated easily across the curriculum.

Educators can access Google Earth Pro at no additional charge. Check this out

The Surrey School District has approved the use of Google Earth on all of our computer systems. There are many activities that you can work with students using Google Earth.

Google Literature Trips

An extension of just using Google Earth is creating a file that stores predetermined sites and information. Jerome Burg coined the phrase Google Literature Trip. See http://www.googlelittrips.org



I have created another section on creating a trip (for literature, field trips, social studies or more) here.
(An updated version with student handouts is located here

Check out the one for White Jade Tiger. White_Jade_Tiger.gif

Consider additional resources such as those available here

More uses of Google in the classroom - http://www.google.com/educators/activities.html