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Screen Capture Tools

The ability to capture video of your computers screen has many uses. Using a capture software, you can create how to tutorials, animated presentations or demonstrations; capture segments of webcasts; and archiving web videos for when the internet goes down.
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There are many tools available to do this. (Please feel free to add your comments and additional tools.)

Adobe Captivate(PC)

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Camtasia Studio (PC)

Techsmith, the guys who make Camtasia Studio and other
cool stuff are currently running a promotion of their
latest version of Camtasia Studio (Version 5).

They are running a couple of promotions in PC magazines
such as PC Plus (December edition) where they are giving
away Camtasia Studio 3 completely for free.

Download Camtasia 3 for Free

Grab (OS X)

JingProject.com (Web)

This project is sponsored by TechSmith and provides free access to capturing still and video screenshots. Jing also provides hosting for the videos. (Jing is actually powered by Screencast-o-matic.com)


I first started using ScreenCast-o-Matic a few months ago. It looked like a great tool that allows for upto 15 minutes of screen video and audio capture. You can create the video, preview, post to the web and download the file.

Snapz Pro

Tips and Tricks

A hint provided by Ken White(Surrey) is to make sure you are standing up if you are speaking and recording your voice. By standing, you give your diaphram room to breathe. I didn't realize that I sounded different sitting down, but apparently we all do....

See also online screen sharing