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Getting the Most from First Class

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What is First Class(r)?

First Class is a unified communication tool. The Surrey School District uses first class for email, calendaring, voice recording, web publishing, conferencing, (soon blogging and podcasting) To find out more about the software, check out http://www.firstclass.com

Accessing FirstClass® at home

Students have the ability to download FirstClass® and use it at home. If they are using WindowsXP, they need to be logged into an administrator account to be able to install.
The website with download instructions and links to the free client software is located at: http://fcweb.sd36.bc.ca

Logging into FirstClass® via the web

Students are able to log into FirstClass® even without downloading the client software. This can be done by clicking the Log Into First Class button on http://fcweb.sd36.bc.ca or going directly to http://fcweb.sd36.bc.ca/login

First Class as an educator

First Class is an integrated communication tool. You can use it for many communication tasks.
I have found that:
  • it is easier to keep organized
  • with folders
  • with conferences
  • with mail-lists
  • with calendars
  • with archiving

I have found that I can work collaboratively
  • with peers
  • with students
  • on multiple projects

I can create
  • documents for sharing
  • documents for publishing
  • documents for presenting

First Class working with students

Working with Students is fantastic as the whole system has been designed with communication in mind.
Students using First Class accounts have all the benefits that I have found as and educator.

Having a unified system for communication opens up the doors for learning. All students have a similar skill set. When students move between classes, teachers and schools, the skills remain the same.

Getting Started with First Class

Login - your user id is created by the district based on your name (usually lastname_first initial)
Password - the initial password is set by the district. If you forget your password, you can call 604-592-3300 and they can reset it to the standard

Setting up a Resume

Click File > Open > Resume
We recommend creating a resume so that others in the district can know more about you. It is helpful to know that this is the Kevin that works as CISC rather than the one working at David Brankin or to know which Kevin at MB Sanford is teaching Grade 7

Sending an eMail

Click File > New > Mail - Most versions also have a button in the menu on the FC desktop



Using the formating bar, you can adjust the font type, size and colour for emails that you send and receive.
Using the insert menu, you can insert your signature(see below) as well as images and tables

Setting up Preferences

Open up the First Class Title > Preferences (Mac) or Edit > Preferences

Setting up a Signature

Click the Messaging Tab > Initial Content

Turning Spell Check on

Click the Content Tab > Spell Check

Replying to Email

There are many types of Reply that you can do
Reply with Quote - Replies to Sender with the text of the original quoted
Reply all - Replies to all that were listed in the To, CC, and BCC list
Reply Sender - only replies to the sender of the email but not CC and BCC
Reply to Conference places it in the conference so all with access to the conference it was created in can read the reply
Reply to Original Author will reply to the sender of the first email. In the From Field this is the bottom name in the list
Reply from conference does not list you as the sender. The advantage to using this is so that replying to the sender goes back toe the conference.