iamliterate - gettingimages

Getting Images

The best way of getting images is to make them.
  • Make a photograph with
    • Digital Camera
    • Phone Camera
    • Web Camera
  • Use a drawing program
  • Use a photo editing software
  • Scan a Photo
  • Download existing images from the internet

I chose the wording carefully to 'make' a photograph. Taking is an invasive concept whereas making is creative.

Downloading Images

Most often, you can right mouse click (ctrl click on a Mac) and select an option for downloading.
Once the image is on your computer, then you need to import it into your editing or management tool.

For the Mac with iPhoto, you can select File > Import and tell it where the image is.

You an also use Flickr to search for Creative Commons
Google also has an option in the advanced search page to only search for appropriate usage rights
Let's try it


Realizing that we are to follow Copyright wherever possible, there is a wealth of resources that have been orphaned. Nobody knows who made them. Technically we are not to use them but it is also impossible to contact the author.