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Sharing the Vision
This wiki was started by Kevin Amboe as his first Wiki. This space has been created to become a resource for those interested in learning and sharing about teaching and learning in the 21st Century. Kevin is often asked to present on a variety of topics, and the topics often change on short notice.

All use of technology must be about the learning and not about technology. An awesome quote from Brigham Young University is that, "The goal of teaching is to teach our students to be learners. The content is what they practice with." Teaching technology only enables students to be learners with the tools of today. As I continue my learning, I see 'Digital' as a language. If we treat learning 'Digital' as learning a language, much can be learned from research on Second Language Learners.

This wiki started in August 2007 with just 3 pages. In just 2 weeks it grew to more than 15 pages with several sub-pages. One year later it had grown to 72 pages. Unfortunately, my work shifted and I was not able to spend as much time on this site since the first year. It now hosts 125 pages provided to help others teach and learn effectively with technology. I am hoping through the remainder of 2012 to revamp the site to have newer information.

When starting out with wikis, most start as users and I encourage you to glean from this space. As you become more comfortable, please feel free to use, share and add to these resources.

This space is called iamliterate.wikispaces.com. It is short for Information And Media Literate. I also like the double meaning of being I AM Literate.

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