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The term multimedia often gets misused as meaning movies and sounds. Multimedia is really about having multiple media sources. In its purest form, a science fair display board with text, pictures and graphs is multimedia.


There are many sources to get free website space and free builders. To consider webpages with Web2.0, you need to include how they are more than just static information in a pretty format. Having said that, websites are often just the publishing tool for other forms of content. Many other Web2.0 resources can be easily incorporated into your personal, class or school website. Each of the following aspects of multimedia can be published through a website.


I am an extreme beginner with MashUps. In its simplest form, a Mashup is the combination of two databases. A favourite example is combining Google Earth with Chicago crime data. Combining these two sources of information lets you visually see the type and location of crime.

Still Images

There are many ways that you can share still images through the Internet. One of the most popular ones is with Flickr.
You can sign up and contribute at Flickr.com or you can just explore / search the images. While I was preparing this session, they highlighted that there were 2984 images uploaded in the last MINUTE.

It took about 1 hour to learn and understand the interface, upload photos and tag them on the world map. Pretty cool to see my images on the globe.
Here is my site. Only about 15 images right now but if I like this system, there may be more.

Embedding other WebPages and their interactivity

Using Inspiration, you can create a Venn Diagram and then have hotlinks within the page. You can provide the original file so that others can download the file, edit it, re-upload it.

See Sample


I have not spent enough time exploring this except to say that there are Web2.0 tools that are free for you to create and post slideshows.

Moving Images
  • Stop motion
  • Movies
    • YouTube is an incredible resource for movies. YouTube is based on the individual being able to broadcast their work - quickly, easily and free. I have included a very basic PPT presentation on some of the features of YouTube. It was created to share through an online meeting which did screen sharing, so there are no extra bells and whistles.
    • Download PPT file
    • See More on YouTube through this wiki
    • In addition to YouTube as a source, you can consider other archives that are made available free such as archives.cbc.ca
  • Video Podcasts



If you know me personally, you know that I am an advocate for students being publishers and publishing through a podcast is a powerful medium.

Here is an example of podcasts used with students in our district
http://fcweb.sd36.bc.ca/~fuchko_d/home/ - created by grade 2 students
http://web.mac.com/nuij/Podcast_Education/Home.html - Students narrating books they have written - Grade 5 for primary buddies