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What does Podcasting do to benefit students?

Students can express themselves in multiple ways. We can engage more than the visual written word.
Kidcast has a great series of informational podcasts - http://www.intelligenic.com/blog/?p=126
Check out episode 53

http://www.mpsomaha.org/willow/Radio/listen.html - Radio Willow Web


There are many classrooms that have student created podcasts. This is an awesome opportunity for integrated studies. Students can create their podscase about what they are studying. This involves writing their script as well as considering other factors such as images and sounds to accompany their report.

check out Amanda story -

This year I worked with two teachers that were having their students prepare speeches. Part of the plan was to videotape their speeches. Students had to have them written out before they could record with either the iPods or video cameras. The students were motivated to complete the task (that had to meet expectations)

http://www.mpsomaha.org/willow/Radio/listen.html - Radio Willow Web

check out - http://delicious.com/amboe_k/podcast