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Internet Safety

The internet has impacted almost all aspects of society to the point that 3 and 4 years olds are using computers and the internet independently. The reality is that all students need to be safe in using the internet. A large step to maintaining a level of safety is for parents and teachers to be informed and teach children how to be safe.

There are many resources to provide further information; however, here are a few guidelines.
  1. Young children should only be using the internet under supervision and with guidelines.
  2. Young children should not be just going to the net. They may use only a specific site or sites.
  3. Children should know what to do if they find something inappropriate.
  4. Children should not have internet access in their bedroom. Internet access should be in open family spaces.
  5. Parents should inform their children that they will be checking their internet activity (ie. Turning on MSN archiving) to ensure their safety.

Links to sites with more information can be found at http://del.icio.us/amboe_k/InternetSafety