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Social Bookmarking

Another aspect of Social Networking is Social Bookmarking. There are several tools available such as FURL, PageFlakes and Del.icio.us. In my experience, Del.icio.us has won the popularity contest and is also my favourite. The concept is that I bookmark my favourite or valuable sites and share that with others. An added benefit is that your bookmarks become browser and computer independent.

What is Delicious?

What can you do in Del.icio.us ?
  1. Save your favourite bookmarks
  2. Share your bookmarks publicly or privately
  3. Import bookmarks from your browser
  4. Tag bookmarks for easy categorizing
  5. Share unique tags for special purposes
  6. Create a network
  7. Send you links to others in your network
  8. Be sent links from others in your network
  9. Search links of others using Del.icio.us - this is powerful to check out the links that your colleagues are using.
  10. See how people are internetworked at http://www.twoantennas.com/projects/delicious-network-explorer/
  11. Add your top ten most recent Delicious updates to your webpage
  12. Create aggregate pages to add the most recent updates from mulitple users or by multiple tags
  13. Add your tag roll to your website
  14. See more on all things Delicious
  15. Rename, Remove, Bundle Tags.Picture_3.png

Creating a Del.icio.us account

If you go to Del.icio.us, you can sign up for an account. Choose your username well, especially if you will be telling students your account. I made my username just like my district email - amboe_k.

Setting up your browsers

Del.icio.us makes saving and sharing your bookmarks quite easy; however, it takes a little bit to customize your browser. Once your browser is customized, you can tag any site that you can open. See how to customize your browser by installing buttons, click here
1. Saving your favourite bookmarks
  • Browse to your favourite sites
  • Click the Tag or Post to Del.icio.us buttons
  • Complete the site information form.
  • Picture_8.png
    Sample Delicious post
  • With your website now tagged, others can access it from your account by typing in the tag name following your account name, or they can search all of del.icio.us to see what other sites are also tagged with the same tag.

I am a huge fan of Deli.icio.us. This site is amazing.
Here is my account: http://del.icio.us/amboe_k

One of the most annoying things for anyone providing a links page is that the links die. A way to keep track that your bookmarks don't suffer linkrot is to check them. Here is a free tool. http://freshdelicious.googlepages.com/

Mentoring with Del.icio.us - October 23, 2007

Advanced Del.icio.us
Find out how you can customize your webpage to display either your bookmarks or others relating to a specific tag.