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Social Networking

Social Networking is extending your personal social networks to online networks. People of similar interests are connected through a service. Generally, you complete a profile telling others about yourself and you add 'friends or fans' to your network.

Working with others helps to build the network

There are many common applications for social networking. I currently belong to 6 social networks each with their own purpose. (Upon revisiting this concept, I created a Connectedness diagram.

Facebook.com - This is an open network where anyone 13 or older can join. You can choose the purpose of your account through the actions you take. In facebook, you create your profile and provide as much or as little detail as you want. You then can search for friends and add them as friends. (All friendships have to be accepted by the other party.) Friends can see your profile, play games together, join groups, upload photos and much more. Facebook also adds in other applications to add even more functionality. I have added a 'Free Gifts' application that lets me send little virtual gifts for free rather than the standard Facebook $1 USD gift.

If you want to find me in Facebook, I am Kevin Amboe; however, I won't add you to my friends list unless I know you personally. This is a good policy for all to follow in virtual communities or social networks.

LinkedIn.com - This is also an open network where people can join. This network has a purpose of creating a network of potential business or employment opportunities. You can search for people you know and request to be linked with them. The advantage of this system is that you can also create recommendations and be recommended. Another advantage is that you can request to be introduced to people in a network of a person you are linked with. You may be an incredible plumber out of work that knows a drywaller really well and happens to have a plumbing contractor in their network. You can see that they know this person, but not any details. You can request an introduction from your friend etc.

My public profile in LinkedIn is Kevin Amboe at http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinamboe

I have set my public profile to be visible, but you can choose to hide it. If you request to link with me, I will only do so if I know you.

Classroom20.Ning.com - Ning has a series of 'NetworkING' sites. This one is focussed on Classroom2.0 based on Web2.0. I just logged in. I am what is called a 'lurker' in this community. I don't check it regularly and don't post often but poke around and read many of the posts. The last post that I just read asked for some help with downloading youtube videos. Many in the community shared their experiences and expertise to help out this fellow teacher.

SecondLife.com - I did sign up and explore SecondLife; however, I found it difficult for me. I guess this is where my immigrant nature shines through. If I am online, I am Amoeba Writer. I think it would take sitting down with an experienced user for me to feel more comfortable in this space.

While I am not confident here, there are islands set up by companies for training of their staff. There can be many training and learning opportunities. Aside from the learning opportunities, SecondLife offers an opportunity to make money as well. You can own land in SecondLife and buy and sell items. The items are virtual; however, they are real to your avatar.

SurreyNet - This is a Surrey School District staff only community; however, we have gateways to other districts with FirstClass. Currently, the most popular gateway in BC is the Recreational conferences that host discussions on dining, movies, pets, sports and a garage sale style area called Swap and Shop. We have also started national gateways for connecting educators in Canada.

SCOPE is an open, online community. It does have member only areas. I work with SFU in their Field Programs department on a special program called TLITE (Teaching and Learning in an Information Technology Environment.) We have space in SCOPE for discussions between modules, mentors, mentees and Faculty. You can check out SCOPE and login as a guest at http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/login/index.php

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Flickr.com - I am amazed at what this site has to offer. You can see my photos that I have taken and geotagged. You can even show a slideshow in very quick order. Check it out at http://flickr.com/photos/11985491@N06/