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My Top Ten Lists

  1. http://web.mac.com/amboe/iWeb/kevin/imlblog/imlblog.html (Information and Media Literacy)

  1. Wikipedia.com
  2. wikispaces.com
  3. PBWiki.com

  1. web.mac.com/amboe (I am biased)
  2. Room208

YouTube Videos
  1. Rather than listing the 10 videos with links, I will comment on them and give you the master link to my favourites
    1. Web2.0 - The Machine is using us - Incredible look at how literacy has changed
    2. Education Today and Tomorrow - a bit of a reflective piece asking if we are meeting students learning needs
    3. Did You Know - Shift Happens - Powerful text and music
    4. Did you Know - Shift Happens II - Powerful text and music extended and updated
    5. OK GO - One of the first bands to look at Creative Commons and making money not from Copyright but from concerts
    6. OK GO Lego - Mimicry is a great form of flattery. This lego example is a good one to look at what you can do with stop motion
    7. Video RSS in Plain English
    8. TED - Are we erasing creativity from our children
    9. The Future of computer interfaces
    10. Technology Fear Factor in Education
  1. Del.icio.us
  2. Inspirationcubed.com - shared online whiteboard